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About Jez

Jez started riding BMX as a kid in the 1980s and graduated to mountain bikes when the scene hit the UK a few years later, becoming an influential and larger than life figure on the mountain bike race circuit for over a decade.

Always ready to show off his skills to an unsuspecting crowd, riding with his front wheel missing or doing Switzerland squeakers and bunny hops in the car park while everyone else was racing round the course, Jez brought his own unique brand of mountain biking to events, and on TV in shows such as ‘Blue Peter’, ‘You-Bet!’ and ‘Record Breakers’ (he still holds multiple world records!).

In 1998 he took his show on the road, and Jez has made a career out of his lifelong passion for anything with wheels and entertaining people, in a show that still delights audiences young and old at events all around the UK and Europe.